Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Model City Polish Madness!!

Hello Lovelies!!  I have been super crazy ridiculous busy and I apologize a million times over for not having nightly postings up!  I promise I will try to be better!!  To make up for it I have something pretty freaking amazing to share with you today!  I approached the amazing Miss Nina (owner and creator of Model City Polish if you don't already know) about doing an interview for my blog.  She happily agreed so without further ado here is my interview! My questions will be in blue and the answers are in green to keep with the theme of the polishes!

When did Model City Polish become a reality for you? meaning when did you know that you were going to start making polish for the masses?
I guess about two years ago now. My brother in law was the one who gave me the final kick to take it beyond franken blends for myself. I couldn't be happier at how much things have grown and all the amazing friends I have made.
You are very well known in the nail polish community! Personallu I have never had a polish of yours I wasn't happy with! How do you keep up with all of the trends of nail polish and stay ahead of the curve?
Awww, thank you!!!! That makes me so happy to hear! To be honest I just create based off what I love and inspires me. I would say well over half my blends are inspired by things I love or found memories. I don't try to make things just to make a buck. I may not be the trendy one at times but my service and quality is what makes MCP what it is.
Honestly that is what I admire most about you! I would like to take a moment to talk about your charity polish from last year called Coal. How much did you end up raising for local humane shelters?
We ended up being able to raise just under $50 so I added a little extra and talked with my local shelter. The money ended up being put towards their spay and neuter program.  I am hoping to create another fun blend to help out Untamed Mountain next. Their program is amazing! http://www.tigersfortomorrow.org
I honestly think that anyone who is willing to donate time, money, or goods to benefit animals is truly a stand up person! I am a huge supporter of helping animals! You have a new collection coming out March 22nd and I was so unbelievably honored to be able to receive two of these amazing polishes! Tell us about this amazing new collection in your own words since I don't think I can do it justice.
I actually have two collections, busy me! You got to review two though from my pride and joy, the Resident Evil inspires series. I absolutely love the series!!!! My obsession started out many many moons ago on the original Playstation. Every Thursday night my mom worked second shift so my Stepdad and I would spend all evening playing. He would play and I would direct and point things out. Over time it became our thing. Once the movie series came out we had a standing date for each release. Since the series means so much to me in so many ways it had to be perfect! I mixed and changed formulas for months until I was completely satisfied. And yes, there was a LOT of movie watching while I created. Each blend represents various aspects of both the games and movies.
I was big into the movies (I played a few of the games but the movies were what really had me hooked.) and I can tell you that T-Virus and Anti-Virus are dead matches for their inspirations! I have to say that your polish is one of my favorite brands ever! The formula's are to die for and I swear you are some sort of wizard with how well your glitters behave! You said there is another collection being released as well and I am so excited to see what else you have coming out! Where do you see MCP going in the future?
Thank you! I had actually started out with the desire to make blends based off of the herbs in the game but while watching the movie I shifted to the vials as inspiration. I think they both turned out perfectly and hopeful all other fans to the series will agree. 😊 For the future I am just going to keep creating things I love and offering the best service possible. In the process I will be having a blast and living the dream. I have a few fun things planned and some awesome packaging for my cuticle oil line that I hope to be revealing for my two year celebration.
That is really exciting! I am always looking for good cuticle oil!! Is there anything you would like to say to your fans before we wrap this up?
To the fans: A huge thank you to all who have supported, followed, and promoted me in the past 22 months! You could never imagine how much this means to me and has helped me get through some very tough personal times. You are all simply amazing and I am so grateful to have each and every one of you in my life!
And I want to thank you for you amazing polish, customer service and in general your contribution to the nail polish community as a whole! Thank you so much for your time!
You guys are what keeps me going! 😊
Now onto the polishes!  First up we have t-Virus.
t-Virus is blue crelly blend on the verge of being a jelly and is filled with light blue holographic glitter in hexes, squares, and a splash of micro bars.  I am wearing three thin coats with a single later of Seche Vite on top in my swatches.

And here we have Anti-Virus.
Anti-virus is a bright, rich green jelly with green holographic glitter in two different sizes. Again I am wearing three thin coats of Anti-Virus with a snigle layer of Seche Vite on top.

I am so in love with these polishes!  I honestly don't know how Nina gets her glitters to behave so well but I honestly had no issue getting them on cleanly and without any fighting for placement.  I swear she has a wizard wand hidden somewhere!  Clean up was also a breeze and I didn't have to fight at all with removing the glitters.  Granted I tend to pick a lot of my nail polish off but usually I have to fight for days to get the glitters off!

Well there you have it Lovelies!  Be sure to check out Miss Nina's new shop Model City Polish and pick up some of her amazing polishes! I hope to get another post up tomorrow but we will see how the day goes!  Tootles for now!!