Friday, March 7, 2014

Comparison - Whimsy vs. Rebel

Hello Lovelies!  I'm sorry that my blogging has been so sporadic lately but I have been a busy busy nail polish junky!  My new brand is coming along nicely and I have 5 formulas tested tried and true to open on 4-11-14!   I am planning something pretty big for the launch so make sure to mark your calendars!

Today I am going to do a little compare and contrast for you!  First I am going to give you the details on these two polishes.  then I will show you my side by side swatches!

First up we have pIcture pOlish in Whimsy.  This polish costs $14.50 before shipping from Llarowe.  It is described as such on the site; "Whimsy is a aqua blue creme with just a hint of gold sparks a totally dreamy combination".  I have swatched this previously and was not at all impressed with the polish for the price.

I am comparing it to Zoya's Rebel from their new awaken spring line!  Rebel is $9.00 before shipping from and is described as such on the site: "Zoya Rebel can best be described as a full coverage blue sky metallic with a silver shimmer"

My swatches show two coats of each polish with no base or top coat.  My index and pinkie have Zoyas Rebel and my middle and ring fingers have pIcture pOlish Whimsy.

Indoor lighting with flash -

Natural lighting with flash -

Indoor lighting no flash -

Natural lighting with no flash -

So in conclusion pIcture pOlish Whimsy is a just a hair brighter that Zoya Rebel but honestly at a price difference of almost 5 dollars before shipping I would definitely suggest Zoyas Rebel.  The formula is much better and opaque in just two coats with no horrid streaks or lumps.  pIcture pOlish Whimsy is very streaky and lumpy and in my opinion way over priced.  Also I want to add that Zoyas Rebel is a full 15mL for $9.00 and Whimsy is only 11 mL for $14.50.

Hope you liked this installment and who knows I may make this a regular thing!  I have Deborah Lippman's Bad Romance and the supposed Revlon dupe in my possession!

Zoya Nail Polish in Rebel can be best described as a full-coverage blue sky metallic with a silver shimmer. Top with 1-2 layers of special effect topper, Zoya Monet, for a fun accent! - See more at:

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  1. Awesome I am wearing Rebel right now, so I don't need Whimsy for sure. Thanks for comparison!!! :)