Sunday, March 2, 2014

Show and Tell - My Nail Polish Heaven!

Hello Lovelies!!  I have been a busy busy polish addict and FINALLY have my room set up how I want it!  I had to cut my nails down to nubs last night so instead of swatching something I thought it is high time I show you where the magic happens!  My boyfriend was kind enough to give me an entire room in his house to do what I wanted with.  After a lot of hard work, painting, broken nails, rearranging, acquiring of shelves and stands and chairs, I have it almost perfect!  I am going to be refinishing the floors at some point but honestly that can wait until summer time!

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now and we have had some rough times.  We have known each other for most of our lives and even though I had a crush on him he barely even knew I existed as a teenager.  It finally took my brother being too much of a wuss to drive into the city and pick me up from the train station for him to see me.  There I was getting off of a 5 day train ride with my two kids.  No shower, barely any sleep, in my pajamas I had been wearing for what seemed like a lifetime.  I had everything I could pack into bags in my possession and my kids terrified of being in New York City.  I had moved us across the country to start anew and my brother needed my boyfriend (his best friend) to drive into the city.  Well, long story short I had forgotten a bag at the train station and had to go back.  The boyfriend volunteered to take me back.  So we spent an entire day together going back to New York to get the one bag that had my belongings (the rest were the kids) in it. Four short months later he and his father were begging me to move in with them since the house was in desperate need of a woman's touch.  Which brings us to where we are today!  My daughter, myself, and my boyfriend live in this gorgeous house together happily.  His father passed away this past September (on his birthday none the less), and we have been fixing it up in honor of him.  My son lives in California with his dad.

Well now that you have my life story let me tell you how this post came to be!

My boyfriend and I have had some rough patches lately due to all of the ups and downs.  Well today he walked into my nail polish heaven and said "You know, if you ever doubt how much I love you I want you to stand where I am right now (in the door way) and look around! I have given you an entire room to do what you want with when I don't have any of my "own" space in this house." Then he grabbed me and kissed me! It damn near made me cry!!

So here it is!  In all of its glory!

So there you have it Lovelies!  This is exactly what he sees when he stands in the door way and turns from left to right looking around the room.  This is what he has given me.  Honestly I couldn't love him more for it!!  Yes he is a tool sometimes and a complete putz other times.  But, every night when I am sitting in here relaxing, or counting my polishes, or whatever it may be, I know that he is the reason I have this wonderful place of my own!

Enough mushy junk!  That is the insanity that is my blogging/nail polish/bunny room.  Now to go clean it up a bit!!


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    1. I never thought to call it that!! Thank you so much I am going to make a sign for the outside of the door!