Monday, November 25, 2013

Gothic Gala Lacquers - Moon Over Paradise and a revisit of Lolita's Gown

Good evening lovelies!  Today was an almost perfect day that started with rearranging my fish tank and nail polish/blogging room.  My mail person has been super late getting my mail to my house lately so I was pleasantly surprised this evening with a huge nail mail day!  I got some polishes I was waiting for that are gifts and I also got a package from Gothic Gala Lacquers!  Fair warning though my cuticles are a MESS due to cold weather.
I had shared my last review of Lolita's Gown with Samantha (the maker of Gothic Gala Lacquers).  I was so surprised with our conversation!  Samantha was so sincere and genuinely concerned that I had such an issue with this polish that she asked me if I would re-swatch the reformulated version.  Now, keep in mind that I live on the east coast and there is a definite mentality out here that there is no such thing as excellent customer service.  Samantha, however, has changed my view on that entirely.
So today I am going to share with you Moon Over Paradise with Lolita's Gown as an accent!  Everything that I said before about the glitters being evil little minions has flown right out the window with the new formula!  They behave wonderfully now and are super easy to get on and in the right spot!  I ordered Moon Over Paradise in grey but there is also a black option as well.  Honestly I am kind of thinking I need both with how amazing this mix of glitters is!

The first thing that caught my eye is the new bottles of Gothic Gala Lacquers.  I love love love them!  They are dramatic and beautiful without being too obnoxious.  They stand out in my collection and are truly unique.  There are also new brushes with these bottles and let me tell you from a left handed person they are a DREAM to work with!  I am forced to swatch on my left hand since there is no such thing as lefty camera's.  When trying to swatch glitter heavy polishes the brush plays a big role on how easy the application is for me.  The new flatter brush in Gothic Gala polishes makes it easier to pick up the glitters without being so wide I feel like my cuticles are going to drown.

You know that one sweater that you have in your closet that you just love to wrap up in?  Well Moon Over Paradise is that sweater for your nails!  It makes you feel comfy and confident without being too bulky.  I know it looks like the glitters are chunky and hard to deal with but two coats of Samantha's Smooth Me Over top coat tame these bad boys right down!
Lolita's Gown behaved so much better for me this time around!  The glitters just kind of floated right onto my nails like that was where they were longing to be!  The circle and star glitters were a tad elusive but that is absolutely to be expected so with just a touch of fishing bam there they were!
If I absolutely had to complain about  anything it would be that I don't have any more money in my polish budget this month to buy every single one of the colors on Gothic Gala's etsy store!  Happy shopping everyone I am sure you will be just as pleased as I am with these polishes!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

ELF Disney Villains Pt. 4 - Maleficent

So sorry for the delay lovelies but I swear I have a good reason!  My brother and his wife welcomed their second child into the world today!  So here are Pictures and names of the Maleficent polishes without further ado.

Bubble Gum Pink:

 Mod Mauve
Gina Girl over Mod Mauve
In short I really love the Gina Girl glitter topper.  Mod Mauve is not my shade but it at least preformed better than the Ursula polishes.  Bubble Gum pink is a sweet pink but I am not sure I would call it bubble gum colored.

Sorry for the short post tonight I promise tomorrow you will have a special treat of a few polishes I bought this past week!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ugh - just ugh

So I had all intentions of finishing up the last part of the ELF polishes tonight however my internet and camera decided to prevent all of that from happening.  I am so sorry lovelies I promise I will post tomorrow with swatches of Maleficent tomorrow!  In the mean time let me just take a moment to thank each and every one of my readers.  I am at 43 likes on facebook right now and only 7 more likes away from a giveaway.

See you tomorrow night lovelies!

Monday, November 18, 2013

ELF Disney Villains Pt. 3 - Ursula

Hello lovelies!  So today I was getting ready to do my swatches for the Ursula polish that comes in the set.  I thought that this would be a straight forward same as before review.  Boy was I ever wrong!! Holy mother of all things streaky this polish is AWFUL!  I did three coats of each color and there were so many streaks it actually pained me to take photos!  The only saving grace to the trio is Sea Escape but even that was pretty hard to photograph and have the micro glitters show.
First up is Coral Dream.  I would like to start with saying I am not a fan of coral colors anyway.  However the application of this polish made me cringe with each coat. You can especially see the streaks in the second picture.
Next up is Mint Cream.  This one wasn't as streaky as the coral polish but it still is not as good as the other polishes in this collection.  It really made me scratch my head as to why  some of the creams could be so lovely and then these exist.

Finally there is Sea Escape.  The saving grace of this trio!  These pictures are with two coats and there is no streaks!  The second picture was taken out of focus to better illustrate the sparkle on this polish.  I really love this particular one!

In conclusion I was majorly disappointed with this trio of polishes since ll of the others were such better quality.  I saved my favorite colors for tomorrow and I am hoping they don't let me down.  Maleficent will be on the blog tomorrow evening so keep watch.

Also I have a very special review in the works.  All I can say is hold on tight for some amazing insight into the mysterious world of customer service!

Tootles lovelies!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

ELF Disney Villans Pt 2 - The Evil Queen

Today has been a lazy, annoying Sunday.  I am in a horrible mood and I just don't know why.  My head is killing me and all day I have had plans to take all kinds of pictures of my battle station but I just don't have any motivation!  My desk chair is broken and the bunnies litter boxes desperately need to be changed but I just don't have it in me tonight.  I am not even happy with the pictures that I took of these three polishes.

On the up side my new camera is pretty cool and I am having a blast taking pictures of all of the critters.  So without further hesitation here are the three polishes you came to read about.

First up is Thunderstorm.  It is a basic gun metal grey cream.  I can honestly picture this being a staple in my collection since it has endless possibilities.
 Next is Cranberry.  I love love love the shimmer in this red.  It is a very faint gold shimmer which turns this red really metallic.  I already have a holiday manicure planned with this color!
Last but not least is Pot Of Gold.  I am really not a fan of gold but I have to say this is not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It is really shiny with out being too yellow.  When it shines just right it almost looks silver!  I love that it is a really pale gold and I am hoping it will work well with stamping.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for part three of the series featuring Ursula's polishes! 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

ELF - Disney Villans Pt. 1 - Cruella DeVil

Hello lovelies!  I am only 10 likes away from a scavenger hunt type giveaway so please be sure to click the "like us on facebook" button over to the left.  I had a ridiculously long day today and still have so much to do so this post is going to be short and sweet!  I Really like these polish because they are just simple creams and go on wonderfully.  I did have a few minor air bubbles in them but I was a tad bit rushed in trying to swatch three polishes today.  I did pick up my new camera today so I am hoping to play with all of the settings and get it used for my blog tomorrow.

The first color I am going to show you is simply named Nude.
While this polish is called nude it is definitely not the right shade of nude for my skin tone.

The next polish in the Cruella DeVil line is called Smokey Brown.
I really like the shade on this one!

Last but definitely not least is Smokin' Hot
I am a HUGE fan of this red.  I don't know what it is about red nails but they make me feel super in charge!

Check back tomorrow for the second part featuring "The Evil Queen" polishes in this set!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Gothic Gala Lacquers - Lolita's Gown

Good evening lovelies! I hope your day was as quiet as mine!  I love love love drama free days and today was perfect.  My daughter tends to drive me a little nuts when she gets home from school and asks for every little thing but other than that it was all quiet.  Last night was super exciting for me because I conquered the initial lesson of driving a stick shift!  Anywho ... today I am going to share with you a polish that I have a love hate relationship with!
Gothic Gala Lacquers has some really amazing polishes! When I first saw this one I knew it had to be mine.  The purple, the glitters, the stars!  I fell in love with this polish as soon as I spotted it.
I did two coats with a whole lot of fishing to get the glitters out.  I swear I see circle glitters in there but I wasn't able to fish any out.  This is where my hatred comes in.  I love the way it looks so glitter packed in the polish but not so much on my nails.  I didn't want to do too many coats and sandwich all of the glitters I had already gotten on so I finally gave up.  Perhaps more patience will serve another better but for me I just didn't have it.
Now onto the loves of this polish.  I am so very much in love with this shade of purple!  The hex glitters seem to float so nicely in this polish even though it isn't a jelly base.
The star shapes in this polish are equally as elusive as the circle glitters but I managed to get one before I decided to chuck the polish across the room.
I really am a huge fan of the application of the polish itself.  Glitters are always a bit more of a pain to apply so I definitely suggest the grab and dab method for this polish.  You might even go so far as to fish with a tooth pick!
All in all I will definitely be wearing this polish again.  If you love glitters and have patience to fish around for them then this polish is for you!  I am really looking forward to trying out other polishes by Gothic Gala Lacquer!!

Have a great night everyone and wish me luck on round two of standard transmission driving lessons!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Playlist Polish - Purple Haze and Do You Believe in Magic

Hello again lovelies!  Today I am going to share with you my new polish crush Playlist Polish's Purple haze and Do You Believe in Magic!  I can not get over these two polishes!!  I am in LOVE! 
I have reviewed Playlist's polishes in the past and love the formula so this review is going to focus mainly on the color and unbelievable sparkle.  I am a holographic polish junky and there really should be a warning label on Do You Believe in Magic.
Can you believe this stunning top coat!  I did two coats of Do You Believe in Magic over a simple black and I am just in awe of the holographic quality.  It shimmers and dances and my pictures just can not do it justice!
I honestly think that with four coats of this by itself and you would have an amazing stand alone polish.
I was lucky enough to order this polish when it was first released.  At only $6.50 plus shipping how could I refuse?  I love the prices of this company and the shipping time is even more amazing.  I would honestly recommend this indie maker to any one looking for unique, affordable, and eye catching polish.
Purple Haze is equally to die for.  I was a little concerned with my first coat being so sheer but it really builds up quickly.  I did three thin coats in the pictures and I had complete opacity.  This color is such an amazing hazy purple that is almost looks like a smoke filled purple crystal ball!
I really can't wait to do some nail art with these colors combined and with undies! I am really excited to see what Purple Haze looks like over black.  I promise I will take pictures of all of my combinations as soon as I get my nifty new camera!
Be sure to visit Playlist Polish's etsy store and check out all of their amazing colors!  My next purchase is definitely going to be Cruise, Treasure, and She Will Be Loved!

Tomorrows review will be of Gothic Gala Lacquers Lolita's Gown.  I have a love hate relationship with this polish so be sure to check it out!  Also, feel free to leave any feedback for me in the comments below.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hare Polish - What I wore To The Revolution

Oh it is so good to be back!  Can you believe I was without internet since last week!  I was so unbelievably bored without it.  Anyway lovelies today I want to share with you Hare Polish.  Now I have to admit the only reason I ever even bought a bottle was because of the bunny on the bottle.  I have two pet bunnies and have loved them since I was a kid.
 I layered two coats of What I wore over a basic white polish and I could not be happier with the way the glitters fell into place.  The application was a breeze and I really didn't have to do much work to get the glitter to cooperate.
I highly recommend this polish to you glitter junkies out there.  This polish has so many cool ways to wear it and it is super easy to get a neat look with it.  You can grab a bottle of Hare Polish from their Etsy Store or from LLarowe.  It doesn't look like this polish is available right now but I have other Hare polishes that I absolutely love as well!

Well that's all I have in me for the night but I will be back tomorrow with some Playlist Polish that I can not wait to share with all of you!  Also I have to share that I splurged a little today and bought myself a really nice camera!  Well I put a really nice camera on lay away for myself so in about a month I will be taking way better pictures!

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments below.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Emily DeMolly

Good evening lovelies! I have had a ridiculously long day filled with furniture moving and switching rooms around.  Not everything is finished but my bed is at least put together enough to get some sleep tonight!

Today I want to share with you Emily DeMolly's cosmic forces.  This polish is a gorgeous deep purple jelly with the most beautiful glitters!  It takes a lot of fishing to get those pesky circle glitters out and onto your nail but I have found a toothpick works wonder for this!  Since my camera has decided to play hide and seek with me I had to resort to cell phone pictures which do not do this polish justice.
Not only is my lighting horrible but my hands were all cranky due to moving!
You can get this polish from but you have to be quick about it and stalk the restocks!
I can not wait to get my hands on the rest of the forces (dark forces and oceanic forces).
These polishes are pretty pricey at $14.00 plus shipping but keep in mind they are from Australia.  

Well that is about all I have left in me for the night lovelies.  I have another fun filled day of reorganizing ahead of me tomorrow!