Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kiss Me Deadly Part 2!

Hello Lovelies!  Are you ready for the epicness that is part 2?  I am going to cut straight to the chase here and say that all of these polishes are wonderfully amazing!  The formula holds true to what I have come to expect from Gothic Gala Lacquers.  Everything was a dream to put on and photograph!  I have the final four for this installment and they are Vampire's Kiss, Darkest Kiss, Spectral Kiss and Kiss of Death.

First we have Vampire's Kiss.  This is a deep blood red creme/jelly combination (known in the polish world as a crelly).  It is packed full of metallic red tiny hex glitters and a slight shimmer.  It dries to a gorgeous matte finish but something magical happens when you add a shiny top coat as well!  The pictures below show two coats of Vampire's Kiss.  I am happy to report as well that I had no staining even without a base coat!

Macro's without and with top coat!:
 Indoor lighting no top coat:
I purposely made this blurry so that you can see the sparkle the glitters give to this polish:
Sunlight, no top coat:
Sunlight with top coat:
 Indoor lighting with top coat:

Next I have for you Darkest Kiss.  This is the polish that started it all!  Samantha said she wanted to do a gothic inspired, dark and twisty type collection and I requested a holographic matte black.  Well it turned into this amazing Suede finish with a scattered holographic black! This polish is opaque in just one coat but I always have to do at least two coats.

Macro's in the bottle and without top coat:
Indoor lighting, no top coat:
 Outdoor lighting with no top coat:
Outdoor lighting with top coat (I used flash in some of them since the sun was being a butt):
Indoor lighting with top coat and flash

 Now for my favorite of the collection (shhh don't tell the others)!  This amazing ghostly blue is aptly named Spectral Kiss.  It is a gorgeous powder blue with an amazing blue and silver spark!  This polish is a must have for any and all blue polish lovers!  Below is shown two coats of Spectral Kiss.

Macro's with and without top coat:
 Indoor lighting, no top coat:
Outdoor lighting, no top coat:
 Outdoor lighting with top coat:
Indoor lighting with top coat:

And the star of the collection is a most versatile top coat.  Kiss of Death is a holographic top coat with purple, blue, and holographic glitters.  I will be doing a blog post showing the different ways this polish can be worn in the very near future! I have shown below one and two coats over Spectral Kiss.

Macro's one coat indoor and outdoor:
 One coat indoor lighting:
One coat in sunlight:
 Macro's of two coats.  Both indoor and outdoor as well as a blurred picture of outdoor to showcase the sparkle!:
 Two coats, indoor lighting:
Two coats in sunshine:

Well there you have it Lovelies!  I am truly in love with this collection and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.  I have been working on this post for the last 8 hours so I am going to call it quits and get some much needed housework done!  Let me know what you think below!