Friday, December 6, 2013

Colors By Llarowe - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Hello Lovelies!  I have been so super busy getting ready for my son's visit!  His plane lands in New York in just 10 days!! I can not believe it!!! I m so excited and at the same time worried that he is going to hate being here with me. 
In the time that it has taken me to paint my nails I have gone from a great mood to a semi crappy mood!  This day was going perfectly fine until I painted my nail (we will get to that part in a second).  Then I had to walk up to the store to get foods since I have NOTHING in my fridge that made me happy.  So there I am walking and minding my own business trying to stay warm when a car freaking splashed a puddle on me.  It just kept getting worse with stepping in puddles because my town is so small we don't even have street lights on the "back" streets.  Then to top it all off I get home to find a piece of plastic in my sandwich.  Anyway on to the review!!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star was one of those "oh my god I must have this as soon as humanely possible!" polishes.  It is an almost exact duplicate of Essie's Starry Starry Night.  Essie's polish is in my opinion impossible to find!  I was so excited that Llarowe duplicated it!  I received it in the mail today after paying  $12.00 plus shipping for it!  I couldn't wait to get this gorgeous blue goodness onto my fingers! 

So there I am, sitting at my battle station, taking off my Totally Tubular, staring at Colors by Llarowe.  Finally I get all of the glitter off of my fingers and I have my base coat all perfect and wonderful!  And then it happens.  I open the lid and smell that wonderful nail polish smell and I pull out the brush.  And then the worst thing ever happens!  The polish I just spent $14.07 on is gloopy and thick and just BLECH!! "No, NO, NOOOOO" I think to myself as I close the bottle and shake.  Hoping beyond hope that it just needed a good stir from settling or something!  I try for a second time and it is just as bad.  "How, how can this expensive indie polish be SO thick!" I actually said this out loud this time!  I was astonished! I couldn't believe it!  So now here I am sitting here with this polish thinking to myself "Okay, contact the company and see if this is just a dud!"

So I email Llarowe both through their contact page and facebook.  Facebook responded first and this was their response:
"All of our polishes are made with uncut suspension base to allow you to thin to your desired consistency. Add a drop at a time of good thinner (Seche Restore or Orly are the best) and thin to your desired consistency. Thanks so much!"
Keep in mind here that there is no mention of this on the site when ordering your nail polish!

Now I proceeded to paint my nails even though the brush seemed to pull the polish off after it dumped loads onto my nail.  I can generally paint my nails in about ten minutes if I am doing a straight color and no accents or nail art.  It took me 30 minutes to get this polish to cooperate with me.  Finally I got my nails all painted and looking nice!  Even though this polish was a surprise and a pain in the rear to deal with the results are stunning!  Let this be a warning to everyone that you better have nail polish thinner handy if you order this polish!

So there it is.  My entire rant and review all mashed up into one!  Formula sucks but the result is sooo gorgeous!  Here are the pictures for you to see just how stunning the polish really is but please keep in mind it is really difficult to work with.  The pictures show two coats of Twinkle Twinkle and one coat of Seche.

Have a good night lovelies! And be sure you are following me so you can see all the more rants and raves coming your way.  I am getting much more comfortable with you all and so sharing my thoughts is coming a LOT easier!

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  1. Wow, I wish I'd read this posting before I ordered.

    I hate using nail polish thinner, I find it's only a short-term fix and I've never had a single successful experience with it. No matter what polish I add it to, it just thins the polish for a few minutes, after which the polish becomes thicker and more viscous than it was before. Which makes sense; nail polish thinner only adds back a few of the necessary ingredients that are found in nail polish, there are so many others that evaporate and aren't replenishable with thinner. And yeah, suspension base smells like liquid evil.

    I've learned to steer clear of indie polishes for the most part; the colors are nice but many of the people who make them lack sufficient knowledge to do it competently.