Monday, December 16, 2013

Small Rant as well as Model City Polish - Cookies And Milk

Good evening Lovelies!!! I am currently 11 hours 1 minute and 51 seconds away from picking my son up from the airport!  I am so unbelievably excited!

I want to take a few minutes real fast though and rant about some things I have been seeing going on in the blogging community lately.  I know that I am new to this community but I still feel as though my opinion counts.  When I am writing a review of a nail polish I am sure to be as fair and honest as possible.  I have not yet been contacted by any company (large or small) to write a review in exchange for free items.  I do receive a discount from a friend of mine but all of my opinions and reviews are as accurate as I can possibly make them.  I try to remain professional and lighthearted when writing my reviews.  If a product lets me down I try my hardest to be honest with why it might work for someone else. 

A while back I had reviewed Lolita's Gown by Gothic Gala Lacquers and was disappointed with the amount of glitter that was coming out on the brush.  I struggled for some time as to whether I should post the review at all or just trash it.  I knew that the maker had put a lot of time and energy into her creation and I certainly did not want to put her down for it!  I tried to be as respectful and honest without hurting feelings.  As it turned out the maker contacted me privately and apologized and sent me a new bottle that had been reformulated.  I was VERY pleased with the second bottle and reviewed it as such.

My point here is that as a blogger it is my responsibility to both my readers and the makers alike to be as honest and forth coming as possible with my reviews.  I try to keep a level head when reviewing these polishes so that I do not offend the makers but also not to shy customers away from a polish that, although I may not enjoy the color/texture/thickness, it is no reason for them to not try it themselves.  I try to remain as professional as possible while giving my personal opinions of the product at hand.  I understand that blogging is a very personal thing and sometimes it is hard to leave your feelings out of it.  I really hope that I never come across as snippy or petty when reviewing a polish I am not fond of. 

Alright end of rant and onto the polish!! Up for your enjoyment tonight is the magnificent Model City Polish in Cookies and Milk.  I have a certain love for white cream bases with glitters so when I saw this polish I knew I just had to have it!  As I was applying this polish all that I could think of was my milk after Christmas cookies!  I loved dunking them but I always refused to drink the milk so I would sit and play with the crumbs in it until my mother would take it away.  This completely brings back so many fond memories of Christmas morning for me!

The swatches below show three coats of Cookies and Milk with one coat of Seche Vite.  Please excuse the dryness of my hands.  Winter has not been good to my skin!
There you have it lovelies!  Yet one more reason to go buy a new nail polish for yourselves!  This is such a wonderful winter polish!  I am not sure I will be posting tomorrow until I know how tired I will be from my trip into the city and back!  Good night lovelies!